Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Surfing Videos Does a Body Good

I love surfing videos for a variety of reasons. Surfing videos have been studied for years and years and have just finally become very popular. Whenever I mention surfing videos, everyone gets very excited and is interested in what I have to say. It is easy to see why there is so much love when it comes to watching videos of surfing. There are three primary reasons what I love watching surf video. The first is surf culture. The last reason is big wave surfing, and the last is surfing at night.

The first reason is surf terminology and culture. I mean just look at surfers. They are laid back, smacking the lip, and chilled out. They love relaxing and surfing. They surf before work and after. And in between they just mind surf. It’s pretty awesome. Everyone envies how cool surfers are. When people see a surfboard on a car, they’re thinking “Wow! That’s awesome!

The second reason why surfing videos is great is the big wave surfing videos. Big Wave surfing is very impressive. It is awe-inspiring when these guys go skimming along on such massive huge waves. I can’t believe they do that? Do you think it is more dangerous than sky diving? I can’t really tell! Don’t forget that big wave surfing is done in super shallow water with razor sharp reef below that!

The last reason whey I love surfing surf video is surfing at night. I mean have you seen the glow in the dark surfboards from Spain? The creativity of some people is mindblowing! The surfboards put the silver surfer to shame. How boring is a surfboard made of silver, when you can get a surfboard made of pure LCD lights coated with epoxy? I know – Very boring is the answer…Sorry Silver Surfer.

As you can see people enjoy surfing videos for a variety of reasons. When you consider how chill and relaxed surfers are, how awesome big wave surfing is, and night surfing, it’s super clear to see how awesome surfing is. I can literally sit for hours and hours watching surfing clips and watching surfing DVD’s. Do you have any? I really like Laird Hamilton Riding Giants!