Friday, December 23, 2011

Recording Surfing Videos

Real Surfing Videos

I've been filming surfing videos for years. When it comes to recording the surf, there are few better things you can do than record right from the water. For example, the Go Pro Water Proof Camera is what I use to record my surfing
You can capture phenomenal angles that can't be achieved from filming on the beach. This has huge implications for the field of water proof camera filming.
Let's say you are going on a family vacation, your youngest child wants to go play in the water, and you want to capture their moments! Or your son's or daughter's first ever surf session! What better way to capture their memories than with an awesome water proof camera!?
Water proof ocean cameras are often very heavy duty, water resistant, and great buys. You can videotape your scuba diving, your water sports, your vacation, and trips to the beach. I highly recommend grabbing one, and creating your own surfing videos

Let me know how you do!