Friday, August 8, 2008

What is Speciation? And Why is it Everywhere?

Speciation is the formation of a new species. While that's simple enough, what's beautiful is the process of speciation. As we can see the phylogenic tree here, a "speciation event" can bring about a new species.
For example, if we have a species X, and some members of that species travel to a new geographic location and encounter new obstacles - over evolutionary time, these new surroundings will force individuals to bring about new adaptations - so profound, that eventually, the group that traveled to the new area will become reproductively isolated to the former group of animals that did not cross the river.
This is speciation.
Allegorically, we can look at the continuum of speciation in ourselves. Humans are not stagnant and static (at least I hope not, for your sake), but instead, to fully appreciate life, it's important to explore and critically think about what is around us. It's important for us to...cross the river into new land. - Only then, can we become better adapted for this life, and hopefully, better than we were before.
Never stop learning.

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Lisa said...

omg that is so deep.
i really like your insight.
i'll be coming to this blog more often yet.