Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Have I told you lately that surfing videos are awesome

Here I go. I am going to do my very best to tell you all, in just seven minutes why I think surfing videos are the ish.

Okay, ready, here I go. Five, four, three, two one...

There are many different types of things you can enjoy in life. For the majority of men in America, they like baseball and football. Most enjoy golf and steak and beer. While I do love myself steak and beer, when it comes time for leisurely watching some sports, I don't turn on ESPN. Well, maybe I would if they had an ESPN: Surf channel. But unfortunately, they don't. I was Fuel TV. It's awesome.I love chilling out and watching surfing videos, it's one of the best things to do. I really enjoy them for three reasons: The ocean is gorgeous, the waves are incredible, and the surfers are radical.

Have you looked at a picture of the ocean lately? If you haven't, you are missing out big time. It's big, it's salty, it's blue, and it's full of life. Dolphins, sharks, stingrays, finding nemo, anyway you slice it, there is beauty in the ocean. Unfortuntaely people love trashing the ocean, this is never cool. I actually can't believe that rubbing. People throw tiny pieces of plastic into the ocean and it ends up floating all around the ocean In fact if you look at Kamilo beach in hawaii, it acts like a big strainer for a majority of the trash in the Pacific ocean. Fortuntaly, surfers love the ocean. They see everyday as a chance to beautiy the ocean. they are not going to abuse something they respect so much. By watchin surfing videos, we develop an appreciation for surfing videos.

The last reason I love surfing clips are the surfers. I am a working stiff. I haven't lived a life where I have never had a real job. I work long hours. I'm stressed. I yell at people for fun sometimes. All and all, I envy how relaxed surfers are. Don't you? Kelly Slater, the very best surfer of all time, after losing to a 17 year old kid, said "wow - that dude is the future of surfing"....How chill can you be? By watching surfing clips, You can realize how just incredibly awesome surfing is. Cheers


I hope you enjoyed my quick essay on why I think surfing videos are totally awesome. Watch some more at http://www.worldwidestokesurfingvideos.com

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